What We Do


Gaming Law

We counsel a distinguished array of poker players - ranging from renowned tournament champions to small town cash grinders - in connection with legal matters involving their play, casino disputes, and general business affairs, while also servicing the needs of backers and stakers, sports bettors, advantage players, and others making a living in - and around - the gaming industry. 

Corporate Law

Various small-to-medium-sized businesses look to us for outside general counsel work, where we handle all manner of corporate formality compliance, deal document drafting, and operating agreement preparation. We advise officers and directors on myriad workplace matters and help our clients navigate the complexities of the modern economies in which they operate. 


In federal and state courtrooms across the United States, we strongly, forcefully, and creatively advocate for our clients' needs and positions. We take cases to trial before judges and juries, we reach settlements when doing so is in our clients' best interests, and we ensure a dynamic and aggressive approach to litigation offers our clients maximum protection in their hours of greatest need.  

Bankruptcy Law

Creditors, debtors, and bankruptcy trustees look to us for counsel as they navigate the complex and often tumultuous waters of Chapter 7, Chapter 11, and Chapter 13 insolvency proceedings. We take pride in having experience from all sides of a case, and endeavor to weaponize the knowledge attendant to such experience in our clients' favor. 

Employment Law

Employees and independent contractors - both in the gaming industry and throughout the business world - look to us when their civil rights are violated, when their overtime and minimum wage payments come up short, and when their jobs are otherwise on the line. We have extensive experience with collective action and class action litigation, brought on behalf of diverse members of the American workforce, and are proud to advocate strongly and forcefully for our clients' rights. 

Criminal Defense

Whether facing the minor repercussions that follow flashing lights appearing in a rear-view mirror or the appreciably graver implications of white collar charges concerning gambling, money laundering, racketeering, or alleged activity of the like, we provide a powerful and deliberate defense to our clients when their very liberty is at stake.