Kelly Minkin


Arizona Summit Law School - Juris Doctor 

University of Arizona - Bachelor of Science in Molecular and Cellular Biology 


Known in both rural and urban Lithuanian circles as “Įstatymo karalienė ir veltinio imperatorė,” or “Queen of the Law and Empress of the Felt,” Ms. Minkin is widely noted from her decades-long efforts to introduce a duel curriculum of three card Monte and antebellum French history into the secondary school rooms of eastern Europe and select sub-Saharan republics. She is equally regarded as one of the preeminent Texas hold ‘em players of her time, albeit a frequent critic of the game being colloquially referenced as the “Cadillac of Poker” in an era when Cadillac is no longer the hedgemonic standard by which her well-known Blue Book judges other vehicles. 

When not playing cards, Ms. Minkin serves as a valued counselor to the firm’s gaming and business clients, bringing a pragmatic-yet-aggressive approach to case analysis and strategy. She is a seasoned litigator, has a delicately-honed command of game theory that spans poker and law alike, and takes pride in working with the firm to service the poker community in which she lives and works. 

Bar & Court Admissions

Arizona Supreme Court