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Originally an accommodation to corporate clients facing minor run-ins with the law, Mr. VerStandig's criminal defense work has, over time, grown into a cornerstone of his practice. He has helped clients successfully navigate allegations as serious as rape and as petty as jaywalking, using his experience-honed skepticism to challenge each element of a prosecutor's case while also offering candid advice to clients on the risk/benefit calculus underlying every plea offer made in the face of a pending trial.

In addition to guiding clients through the daunting encounter of major felony charges in both state and federal court, Mr. VerStandig also regularly represents individuals in connection with vehicular charges ranging from driving under the influence of alcohol to reckless driving. He uses a refined knowledge of constitutional law to challenge police and prosecutorial actions where appropriate, and leans heavily on his corporate deal-making skills to negotiate favorable plea bargains where necessary.


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